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Refund Policy

You can apply for a refund within 30 days from the date you received the goods. Detailed rules are as follows:

1. Full Refund

(a) When the items you receive have quality problems, we will refund you fully, including problems in the hardware, software, or adapters.

(b) If we send the wrong items to you, which is our responsibility to refund the full item value and pay the extra fee for you.

(C) If you order the wrong products, please send the whole package back to us, we will refund your money.

2. Item is Out of Stock 

If the product is out of stock, we will send an email to check if you want to exchange or get a refund. If you want to get a refund, we will refund the money for these goods to you, if there are still other items for this order, we will send the rest to you. If you want to cancel the order, we will refund the full money to you.

3. Item is Not Received

Usually, we will provide the tracking numbers and tracking links timely. If you don’t get the item for a long time, please contact us timely. We will confirm with the couriers and get back to you ASAP. If the product gets lost during transportation, we will arrange a replacement for you and bear the shipping cost by ourselves.